Summer Suite
Lantz Berets

Take a whimsical journey through a summer day in the life of a twelve year old.  Enjoy a sunrise, take a bike ride, go swimming, take a nap, and end the day riding roller coasters!  Your band will love the vivid imagery and descriptive writing.  This piece, like a twelve year old, is devoted to fun!  $125.00


Bike Ride



Roller Coasters

Summer Suite Score


Hymn For Band
Lantz Berets

Hymn for Band is a story about the conflict between good and evil and right and wrong, and in the end good triumphs, but not without struggle.  This piece uses an original tune with no text, but there is an implied  “amen” that occurs throughout.  Hymn for Band will give your students a compelling “drama” to portray, along with practice in proper breathing, phrasing, and maintaining good tone.  $50.00


Hymn for Band Score


A Mighty Fortress
Lantz Berets

“A Mighty Fortress” uses both Bach’s familiar version, along with Martin Luther’s more rhythmic original tune. The piece opens with an ethereal background, chiming of church bells and a subdued brass fanfare, foretelling the dawn of a new era. Luther’s text addresses the idea of warfare in the spiritual realms, and “A Mighty Fortress” depicts battle lines drawn, armed forces gathering, and finally the culminating conflict and triumphant fourth statement. The piece ends with a jubilant reprise of the opening brass fanfare. $95.00


A Mighty Fortress Score


Cooper Point Overture
Lantz Berets

“Cooper Point Overture” combines a light, playful melodies in the beginning and end sections with a beautiful middle section. Your students will love the catchy tunes and you’ll love the adaptable scoring and the full, rich sound. $55.00


Cooper Point Overture Score

Black Lake Blues
Lantz Berets

“Black Lake Blues” features fun rhthyms, funky chords, and a memorable tune that students will love. And, everyone gets to play the melody! $45.00


Black Lake Blues Score


Crusader March
Lantz Berets

Written for the Evergreen Christian School Crusader Band, this march features an optional, more difficult obbligato to challenge ambitious clarinetists and flutists. It also uses two percussion parts, one with rolls and the other without, but the parts are otherwise identical. This allows percussionists to learn the snare drum sticking, then drop in the rebound to create rolls. Your band will love this simple but stirring march! $45.00


Crusader March Score


Capital Fanfare
Lantz Berets

Start your next concert with this rousing, energetic fanfare! $25.00


Capital Fanfare Score


Black Hills Fanfare
Lantz Berets

Feature your top students with this exciting fanfare written for antiphonal brass choir with percussion. $25.00


Black Hills Fanfare Score


Wind Quintet No. 1
Kyle Hanks

Kyle Hanks’ first published composition showcases his promise as a young, talented composer. His Wind Quintet No. 1 features lively, energetic first and third movements, while the second movement displays Hanks’ lyricism and lush harmonies. Berets Publications is proud to introduce this outstanding young composer. $20.00


Wind Quintet No. 1 Score

Le Piccadilly
Erik Satie, Arr. Karen Berets

Originally written for piano, Erik Satie’s “Le Piccadilly” is an early example of ragtime, with syncopated rhythms over a steady bass. Light and fun, your students will enjoy this delightful tune, arranged for woodwind quintet by Karen Berets. $15.00


Le Picadilly Score